Frequently Asked Questions

We have recently created a instruction on purchasing photos. You can find it HERE

Q: How much do you charge to come to an event?

Booking Photonation is FREE ,however, it is subject to economic viability assessment. Our aim is to provide a cost-efficient way to provide events, charities, sports, and community events a way to provide a service to their attendees and participants that they usually wouldn't normally be able to afford.  

We make our money by selling digital downloads of the event.  This means that if our pictures aren't as good as we say they are, we won't sell them and we won't make money!

Q: How can we book Photonation?

Book online on our Event Shoot Request. Submit it and Photonation will get in touch with you.

Q: Can I request a Working with Children Check?

Yes. All our photographers have Working with Children Checks. We can send you a copy of the WWCC on request.

Q: What if a participant does not want their photo taken or published?

Please let us know before the event of which participant does not want to be photographed, or you can approach us and advise which participant we should not shoot.


Q: There is a watermark on my image while i'm previewing. Can we remove the watermark?

While you are previewing the images, there is a watermark that cannot be removed. We tried having images with no watermark or a very little watermark, but we found that people were using 'Print Screen' and illegally copying the images. When you purchase the digital files the watermark is removed completely.


Q: How do I download the link to the ZIP file on my iPad/iPhone?

Unfortunately this feature isn't available yet but we are working on it.  Our site is best viewed on a PC. Once you have purchased your images, a email will be sent to you with a link to a ZIP file to download and extract.


Q: What is a ZIP file?

A ZIP file is a file that contains files that are compressed for transmission. Once downloaded most computers can open them and you can extract and save your files. If you are still unsure try these instructions.


Q:  Is there a search function for name or bib number?

Not currently, however we are working with our hosting team which will soon be enabling that feature.


Q: There is no photo of me or someone I know in the event gallery. 

Though we try to shoot everyone and do our best to capture as much as we can, sometimes photos are removed which are blurry, over or under exposed. Other times we simple didn't get a chance to shoot that person or they were in a crowd etc. This is the unfortunate problem with event photography.


Q: I don't have a credit card or PayPal account. How can I get my images?

Our business model is based online using PayPal and CreditCard however, in rare cases this option may not be available.  Please contact us on our Facebook page or email us at and we may be able to work something out for you.


Q: How long are the images available to purchase/download?

Officially, we say that the gallery is removed after 2 weeks, however, if we have the space on our server, they will remain in the gallery for longer.  Don't hesitate purchasing your photos because after that time the gallery could be removed.  Make sure you download and save your photos to your computer as soon as you purchase them as after the gallery is removed you won't be able to purchase them again.  If you have left it a bit late or are having problems, contact via a personal message on our Facebook page or email us at and we will try to help you.


Q: Do I receive physical prints and/or digital files?

We only deal with digital files.  So the only item you can purchase from us are digital photo files.  We don't deal in physical prints or packages as we believe it is outdated and does not represent 'value for money'.  Years ago, photographers used to charge a lot of prints, even 6x4 images which as you are most likely aware, can be purchased for 60cents.  If you wanted another print of that photo you used to have to go back to the photographer and get the image again for the same expensive price. 

There is a famous glamour franchise that has now gone into receivership who used to supply 'packages' of photos that used to consist of one large print with 4 passport photos.  The actual printing of the photos would have cost no more than $5, however they sold those packages of photos for thousands of dollars, EVEN if you wanted reprints, AND AFTER you paid for the actual photo session!

So as you can see, we stay away from physical prints and packages and allow you to print as many prints as you want either at home or at a photo print service and allow use to use your images online, social media, website, to provide to the media for an article, or to send to family and friends . 

We do recommend some printing services online, Sydney, Germany and the USA which provide archival prints (200 years) and true colours at roughly the same price as large consumer shopping centres provide.  This is in our FAQ on this page.


Q: I'm having trouble getting my images. 

If you are able to get to the webpage for your event, but the photos aren't loading, the most likely cause is a web browser issue. 

There are occasionally issues with the galleries in Internet Explorer (IE) versions 6 and 7 (both outdated as of 2009). The best solution is to either update IE (version 11 is the most current), or upgrade to a better web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (both great, free browsers).

If you are using an updated version of Internet Explorer, the galleries should work fine as long as the browser is not in "Compatibility mode" which makes IE 'act like' an earlier version. The compatibility mode button is usually on the address bar and looks like a piece of paper with a jagged cut through it. Here is a FAQ from IE on turning off compatibility mode in case that is the issue

We apologize for the inconvenience to ask you to update, but you will have a better experience on our site and across the web if you do so! Note that an extremely small percentage of all web users are on these outdated browsers, so hopefully this won't be a common occurrence that you run into. If you are still having issues please contact us at


Q: I left it too long to purchase my photos from an event and now the gallery doesn't exist anymore. What can I do.

From time to time we may throw up old events into the galleries. We post this update on our Facebook page. This is your second chance to purchase your photos.  Also, you can email or message us on our Facebook page and let us know what event you missed out on, as we may put that up next.


Q: I purchased my photos but I didn't download them straight away and now it is saying my link has expired. What can I do?

We always suggest that you download your images as soon as you purchase them, if you don't the link can expire or the gallery can be removed.  It is your responsibility to do this. Please contact us at


Q: Can event photos be taken but not available for the public to see?

Yes, we can provide you a private gallery that includes a password. However, this may incur administrative fees to setup.


Q: What photo quality can I expect? 

Our digital image files are about  3600 x 2400 at 300dpi. 


Q: We are having an event that we would like all the images available to our participants for free. 

A lot of events like to host the event images on their own webpage, intranet, or Facebook page.  If would like the images available for free for your participants, we have an option to purchase the entire gallery. You can then download, extract and re-upload the images onto your own platform, but please, we request that you DO NOT RESELL the images.  We can then take down the public gallery. Please discuss this option before booking. 


Q: How long after the event can I expect to see the images?

We like to get event images up as soon as possible. We generally get images in the gallery within 24-48 hours. Depending on how many images there are, we have to download them, go through each image, cull, and digital edit, export and then upload. At an event we may take around 6000 images that we have to process to cut down to about 400-700.


Q: I'd like to crop the images I purchased

We understand that sometimes and image may contain a stranger or an unwanted object. We try to minimise this during our editing process however, sometimes we may miss some things.  There are a few options to crop an image:

1. Google Picasa - This is free software you can download from . It works on PC and Mac and you can have some fun with it. It even recognises faces, creates collages and crops! 

2. If you need something a bit quicker, the website is very good. You can upload your image, make the crop and even resize the image than save it again. Make sure in OPTION 2 to select from the drop down box (NO CHANGE). By not resizing your image you will have the best possibly quality image you can.

3. If you are using a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone there are cropping functions in the photo gallery app. 


Q: Where can I print my images?

You can print your images at most consumer based places such as Big W and Kmart, however, they aren't going to nail the colour and contrast every time.  If you want some nicer printed images we recommend SnapFish.  Snapfish photos are printed on professional-grade paper that lasts up to 200 years, and they use archival-quality inks and photo paper that lasts 100 years so your memories will stand the test of time. Other printing companies we recommend are:


Q: How long will the photos stay in the gallery?

Officially, we say that the gallery is removed after 4 weeks, however, if we have the space on our server, they will remain in the gallery for longer.  Don't hesitate purchasing your photos after that time though as the gallery could be removed.  Make sure you save your photos to your computer and that you back them up.


Q: What can I do to prepare for the event?

We go through this in a Info Package that you receive once the event is booked and confirmed.  It will be helpful in organising your event, sharing images, and marketing. 


Q: Can I publish the photos on my website or social media?

Yes, you sure can.


Q: Can I publish the photos in the newspaper?

Yes you can, but please credit "Photo by Photonation"


Q: Do you have a Work with Children check?

Yes we do!. All our Photonation photographers have had a NSW Working with Childrens Check from the Office of the Children's Guardian.


Q: I have a friend that has a camera why should we get Photonation to shoot our event instead of them?

True. Everyone can take a photograph with their camera and iPhone these days, but not all cameras, lenses and photographers are equal.  

  • Your friend is most likely not insured, so if they cause damage or an accident there could be some serious costs involved to your club/organisation/school that you may have to cover yourself. Photonation is insured.

  • Your friend may have 'good camera', but chances are, it is a consumer grade camera and lens and not professional grade. Pro grade produces large, beautiful images that is industry standard. Photonation uses Pro equipment.

  • Your friend won't cull, clean and professionally edit thousands of images per event using professional software. Photonation does.

  • Your friend may not backup the images. We have a studio server and we backup the images to another server in California.

  • Your friend won't have a website that has the images from the event which can be purchased from 24 hours a day with an instant digital download.

  • Your friend may not have a Working with Children's Check. Photonation photographers do.

  • Your friend may photograph family, school functions and pets. Photonation has been shooting national competitions in sports, award nights, concerts, productions that only have one chance to capture an image in difficult and fast paced conditions.

  • Your friend may learn from magazines. Photonation photographers attend workshops with leading photographers around the world and are constantly learning new techniques and learn new skills relevant to the industry.

We have written a blog post that has gone viral which gives you more information. You can find it here: 4 things you shouldn't compromise when hiring a photographer for your event


Q: Can I buy other photos from other galleries at the same time?

Unfortunately no. The way our e-commerce system works, you can only purchase photos from one gallery or event at a time.


Q: I like a photo buy it's in black and white/colour. Can you change it?

It depends on the lighting conditions at the time. Please message us on our Facebook page and we will try to accommodate your request. Please supply the image filename. This can be found by click on the photo and it will be at the top of the screen. It may look like "_mg_5832" or similar. We will than try our best to colour correct and re-upload along with the original.